The habanero
made art


La Meridana represents the woman of Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. A hard-working, helpful woman with a great cultural tradition. Our inspiration is to honor the indigenous women of the countryside who carefully select and hand-harvest the best habanero peppers from our ancient Mayan lands.


Founded in 2006 in the city of Mérida, Yucatán, we are a family business proud of its heritage and tradition.

Since the beginning, we have specialized in the production and processing of habanero pepper grown in our own land to later make it the main ingredient in our wide variety of hot sauces and products “La Meridana”.

We have combined our experience of two generations, with our passion for the countryside and the habanero pepper to bring you the most authentic flavors with the highest quality.

Slide We only use 100% fresh, natural and regional products. Our habanero peppers are hand-picked and carefully selected for further semi-artisan processing. We have a value chain, where we seek to favor suppliers and local agricultural communities, taking care of their constant training and economic development, as well as the most efficient use of natural resources, protecting our environment.

The quality of our products is guaranteed by Good Manufacturing Practices and the implementation of the HACCP System, to offer you a unique culinary experience, proudly Mexican and authentically Yucatecan, with each of our original recipes.
Slide We are an export company. As part of our quality policy, we offer our clients products that comply with food quality standards in accordance with official Mexican and international standards. Likewise, we comply with responsible labeling regulations, transparently indicating to the consumer the caloric and nutritional content of all our products, managing to offer gourmet-style sauces, with the best ingredients, free of preservatives and artificial flavors, and with an index minimal or no caloric.

We have FDA Registration and HALAL Certification. We are passionate and proud to represent our country with our authentic products. With each of our sauces, you will enjoy the original flavor of Mexico, no matter where you are in the world. With La Meridana, Mexico is at your table!
Slide Our sauces are made only with habanero peppers from the Yucatan Peninsula, a land rich in nutrients and minerals that give our habanero peppers a unique and characteristic heat and flavor with Denomination of Origin. That is why our products are something special, original and authentic. They are ideal for preparing your favorite recipes or improving the flavor of any dish.

No preservatives, no artificial flavors! Try them and fall in love with their delicious taste! We have a variety for every taste and palate.


Offer agricultural products that generate value to the industry, complying with the quality, safety and traceability requirements that our clients demand.


To be a leading, highly sustainable and competitive company, always assuming our commitment of trust, loyalty and social responsibility with our clients and society.


Quality, Respect, Honesty, Commitment, Responsibility, Health, Environmental Awareness, Cleanliness and Safety, Innovation, Punctuality, Customer Service, Passion for work and the product.


Proudly mexican product


No preservatives, no artificial flavors!


The quality of our products is guaranteed